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Four priority areas for a greener UK

Four priority areas for a greener UK

During the UK's negotiations to leave the EU important decisions will need to be made in four key areas for our environment: food and farming; fisheries and marine; climate and energy; and environment and wildlife laws.

The briefings at the links below have been compiled by groups of organisations with relevant expertise. They explain how policies under each area can build towards a greener UK. The briefings are focused on the decisions which will be made by the Westminster government.

See Greener UK’s regular briefings on governance and legislation on priority areas.

1.Farming & land management

The future of food, farming and nature are inextricably linked. Leaving the EU poses significant risks, but it also provides an unprecedented opportunity to revitalise our countryside in a way that better meets the needs of people and the environment, for generations to come. This is the chance to create new and ambitious policies that are fair to farmers and taxpayers, and provide real value for money.

Briefing for policy makers:
Agriculture at a crossroads: the need for sustainable farming and land use policies


The UK and devolved governments want “clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas”. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, it is imperative that the governments work together to create new fisheries laws that will deliver this vision and put sustainability at the heart of fisheries management. These new laws must incorporate the UK’s domestic and international commitments to protect marine habitats and species and enable the management of shared resources in co-operation with international partners, in a sustainable way that supports thriving coastal communities and a profitable fishing industry.

Fisheries Bill Briefings
A case for fish as a public resource and part of the wider marine ecosystem
The case for sustainable fishing limits
The case for fairer fishing
The case for Fully Documented Fisheries
The case for equivalence
The case for a UK marine strategy

Effective management of offshore Marine Protected Areas

Briefing for policy makers:
Delivering sustainable fisheries management: a sustainable future for UK seas

3.Climate and energy

The UK was the first country to set a legally binding goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the 2008 Climate Change Act. In 2015, we were the first major economy to set a date to phase out unabated coal plants and we joined the rest of the world in aiming to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Strong and effective energy and climate policies to meet these objectives must continue as we leave the EU, to maintain the UK’s position as a global leader on climate change and maximise the industrial benefits of a thriving low carbon economy.

Briefing for policy makers:
UK climate leadership and low carbon investment

4.Environment and wildlife laws

A rich natural environment, with clean air and water, healthy soil, thriving wildlife and vibrant green spaces, underpins the well-being and prosperity of our society. Nature brings joy and wonder to millions of people. Yet, current environmental protections are not working as effectively as they could. Additional measures are required if we are to not only halt the damage and decline, but also to restore the UK’s degraded environment and biodiversity. We need to secure existing environmental protections through the repeal bill, then build on and improve them. For England, that means an ambitious 25 Year Environment Plan, reinforced by a new Environment Act.

Briefing for policy makers:
Securing a healthier environment and nature’s recovery