Greener UK
A vision for a greener UK

A vision for a greener UK

Greener UK believes that the people of these islands deserve a world-class environment: clean air, clear water, a stable climate, healthy seas, beautiful landscapes and thriving wildlife in the places we love.

This is fundamental to the well-being and prosperity of our own and future generations.

Yet today, nature is struggling. We are depleting our soils and water supplies, generating mountains of food and plastic waste, changing our climate and making the air in our cities dangerous to breathe. Our wild places are dwindling, and we face the sadness of once familiar animals and plants fading away from our gardens and countryside.

This is a pivotal moment for the environment. We will need policies and investment that create thriving farming and fishing industries, working with the grain of nature to return our land, seas, lakes and rivers to good health. We will need to secure the benefits of existing environmental laws as we leave the European Union, and we will need an ambitious new Environment Act*, which aims not just to maintain but restore our natural commonwealth.

Together, our organisations have a combined membership of 7.9 million people. We own and look after more than 500,000 hectares of precious countryside and green spaces, which we safeguard for the benefit of all who live and visit here. We are ready and willing to play our part in making our vision a reality, by working with communities, voluntary groups and the private sector to make local places better and to tackle global challenges like climate change.

But it is also vital that governments and politicians lead. They must demonstrate their commitment to our shared inheritance through bold action at home, and renewed co-operation with our friends and allies in Europe and around the world.

Together, we can restore nature and our natural resources in a generation.

*A new Act is required in England; new, separate Acts may also be required in the devolved nations.

Read our manifesto for a greener UK
The Greener UK coalition published a manifesto in February 2017, calling on the UK government to restore and enhance the environment as part of its plans for leaving the European Union. The manifesto sets out eight actions that are necessary to make our vision of a greener UK a reality.

Read the repeal bill briefing
The Great Repeal Bill was announced by the UK government in early October 2016. Expected in the next parliamentary session, this bill will, upon the UK’s exit from the EU, repeal the European Communities Act and convert existing EU law into domestic law. This short briefing explains the environmental significance of the repeal bill and sets out how the bill can build towards a greener UK.