Debbie Tripley

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Director of Environmental Advocacy and Policy

Debbie Tripley is the current Director of Environmental Policy and Advocacy at WWF-UK where she has worked for the past 4 years. Her role includes leading WWF UK advocacy team of around 30 to influence government to bring forth strong new environmental laws and policy, better marine protection through management of marine protected areas, a green Brexit, net zero carbon by 2050 and seas free of plastic waste.

Debbie is a trained barrister and has provided legal advice on European and UK environmental law to the environmental sector for the last 20 years, both as in house lawyer to Greenpeace and as a barrister in private practice. She has acted and advised on a wide range of environmental policy and legal topics, including taking public law cases and advising NGOs, recently advising WWF on the Welsh Future Generations and Wellbeing Act as well as conducting litigation to secure  cleaner rivers.  

She has previously acted as CEO to the Environmental Law Foundation.  She is currently leading WWF’s work on securing a Green Brexit as well as developing a work stream on children’s rights and the environment.