Joan Edwards

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Director of Living Seas
The Wildlife Trusts

Joan Edwards has worked in nature conservation for over 30 years and is passionate about leaving the planet in a better state for future generations.  The Wildlife Trusts is a movement of more than 900,000 members and 43,000 volunteers with an exceptional reach into communities across the UK. She has established the shared mission of The Wildlife Trusts to secure Living Landscapes and Living Seas with her work leading to an increased value placed on the natural world.

Joan led the NGO's successful  campaign for the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 and has championed the need for nature's recovery. More recently Joan has been involved in the designation of an ecologically coherent network of MPAs in English and SOS Waters. Presently she sits on an independent panel of experts set up by DEFRA to review the designation of highly Protected Marine Areas.

As well as leading The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas work, Joan is also the Director of Public affairs for The Wildlife Trusts and has led the movements work at Westminster including the call for an ambitious Environment Act.