Patrick Begg

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Outdoors and natural resources director
National Trust

Patrick is the National Trust’s Outdoors and Natural Resources Director and leads the Trust’s thinking on the wider countryside.  This includes how we manage some of the nation’s most naturally and culturally rich landscapes; the experiences and inspiration the outdoors can provide; and how farming can change to meet the challenges of a post-Brexit world.  He is also national lead on climate change, including energy use and generation, wider adaptation strategies and pressures on natural resource use.

Previously in the National Trust he led on rural enterprise issues and has fulfilled senior operational roles including Regional Director and Area Manager.  He has also headed up the organisation’s Policy and Planning function and continues to play a leading role in national policy advocacy work around farming, climate change, soils and water.

With an original background in archaeology, he brings a broad range of conservation passions and experience which span nature, culture and economics.  He takes his conservation passions home with him and blends a love of the outdoors with enthusiasm for as many sports as possible.