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Greener UK publishes manifesto for EU elections

Greener UK has today published its manifesto for the forthcoming European elections (23 May). The manifesto is available in English and in Welsh

While the UK remains a member of the European Union, its MEPs will play a crucial role in tackling the climate and ecological crises that we face. An estimated 80 per cent of environmental law in each of the UK’s four countries stems from the EU, including policies to protect wildlife and deliver more than half the UK emissions reductions required by 2030.

The manifesto urges the elected MEPs to pursue particular policies, on issues such as climate, and to support the following benchmarks: 

  1. Greater ambition and higher standards, commensurate with the scale of the environmental crisis, with proper resourcing and no potential for backsliding.
  2. Robust implementation and enforcement of environmental law, fulfilling people’s rights to environmental information, public participation, access to justice and substantive remedies.
  3. Effective international co-operation on the environment, including energy and climate change.
  4. Environmental protection and restoration integrated into all aspects of decision-making, including trade, finance, and foreign policy, minimising our global environmental footprint.