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High standards and ambitious environment bill lead 2019 manifesto asks

A legal commitment to existing standards and an ambitious environment act are at the heart of Greener UK's manifesto asks for the 2019 election. 

With the environment becoming an increasingly important topic for the public, the coalition of environmental organisations is encouraging political parties to adopt a set of key policies in their election campaigns.

The four main 'manifesto asks' are:

  • A future UK-EU partnership that has strong environmental co-operation and high standards at its heart
  • An ambitious environment act
  • Ambitious agricultural reform
  • Truly sustainable fisheries management

1. For a strong future UK-EU partnership, Greener UK is calling for parties to prioritise a high level of environmental protection as a shared objective, and to make a mutually binding commitment to 'non-regression', making sure that standards can only rise rather than fall.

Within this, the coalition considers it vital for parties to commit to a transparent and accountable approach to trade, with people and parliament given a full say in negotiations.

2. To help tackle the ecological and climate crisis, the coalition is calling for parties to pass an ambitious environment act. The act would include an independent and powerful watchdog to uphold environmental laws; a firm legal footing for crucial environmental principles; and a strong framework for legally binding targets that can guide the restoration of nature and our natural environment.

3. The current government had introduced an agriculture bill based around the principle of 'public money for public goods', which would see farmers rewarded for providing public benefits such as clean water, clean air and thriving habitats for wildlife. The coalition calls for parties to support a new agriculture bill with this principle at its centre, but which also guarantees long term substantial funding for farmers that can reverse the deleterious declines in our wildlife and natural environment.

4. In order to build a healthier marine environment, including sustainable and thriving fisheries, Greener UK is calling for parties to commit to legislation that includes legally binding commitments to sustainable fisheries and to fishing below scientifically defined sustainable levels. The coalition is also calling for policies that would provide stronger enforcement of fishing practices, including CCTV on boats, and a fairer allocation of fishing opportunities.

The full Greener UK 2019 manifesto is available here.