Wide shot of Parliament with a pale blue sky

Holding the government to account on its REUL promises

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 was passed in June following a ten month cross sector campaign to highlight and reduce the risks of the bill for important legal protections, legal certainty and devolved law making.

Greener UK garnered support from a plethora of expert and high profile voices, secured a stream of media coverage and produced briefings for parliamentarians at all stages. The two most debated issues were environmental protection and the role of parliament in overseeing changes to retained EU law.

The campaign resulted in several government commitments on retained EU law, the environment and public consultation, with the government abandoning its proposal to scrap more than 4,000 laws by default at the end of 2023, instead choosing to delete only around 600 and to save the rest.

We are now focused on holding the government to account on its commitments and monitoring the review and reform process across priority government departments.

Thank you to everyone who helped support the campaign.