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Our principles for trade

The UK government's focus is currently - and understandably - on addressing the public health emergency.

Beyond this difficult period, the government will resume shaping and implementing a new trade policy. We believe that this policy must be underpinned by the aim of addressing the climate and nature crisis, and designed to support ambitions for global environmental leadership.

As a minimum, the UK government should ensure that new trade agreements:

  • Maintain and build on our current high environmental standards
  • Are compatible with our environmental and climate goals
  • Enable us to reduce the UK’s global footprint
  • Prioritise goods and services that are low carbon and environmentally sustainable
  • Are subject to rigorous scrutiny and oversight, with meaningful and ongoing public participation and accessible information
  • Are subject to and respond to environmental impact assessments
  • Ban involvement of secret courts like Investor-State Dispute Settlement
  • Ensure non-compliance with environmental commitments is properly dealt with