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Reviewing the environment in Brexit on the BBC

On 16 April Greener UK chair Shaun Spiers was a guest on BBC Radio 4's 'Costing the Earth'. 

Presenter Tom Heap asked Shaun, Heather Hancock (chair of the Food Standards Agency) and Patrick Holden (founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust) about the environment within the Brexit process.

Shaun emphasised that the government's current proposals for enforcing environment laws after Brexit, through the Office for Environmental Protection, will see weaker protection. If the government is to live up to its 'green Brexit' promises, and maintain strong protections, the new body will need to be genuinely independent and world leading, enforcing both environment and climate laws.

In trade, Shaun added that it would be crucial for the UK not to 'dance after' deals with countries like the United States, which would put 'huge pressure' on our natural environment.

You can listen to the programme here.